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Quality & Safety

The following quality assurance process is practiced on client sites to ensure that safety and quality of service are our top priority.

1. Prior to construction

Inspect the job site for potential hazards and asess the geological conditions to determine what will be required for equipment and tools.

2. Survey work site

A geotechnical survey is required or to acquire existing records from nearby site/by public record. a visual site inspection of the soil and geography is done to assess drilling conditions.

3. Assess hazards and obstructions

Review public records and use locating equipment to confirm if any obstructions are in the boring path.

4. Determine proper downhole equipment

Based on assessment of soil conditions and dig depth, size of hole the qualified technician will determine the proper drill bits and reamers to use.

5. Installation

Monitor the installation process to ensure the bore path follow to design and specifications.

6. Log results

Actively track dril progression and take note of any special conditions encountered.

7. Monitor fluid returns

Visually monitor and expect the entry/exit of fluids and test the viscosity so that modifications can be made to equipment.

8. Changing out bits and reamers

Follow safaty training protocols on the proper procedure for changing out of the bits and reamers.


Training plays a key role to establishing the proper safety and quality standards for Chimos Drilling & Excavation.

All Chimo’s Drilling & Excavating Ltd. employees are required to:

  • Complete a health and safety course prior to providing services on a customer site.
  • Complete company training on the safe use of all required equipment that will be employed on customer projects.
  • Quality monitoring and strict compliance to our company’s quality control process on customer work sites.
  • Training on the proper cleaning and maintenance of vehicles and equipment to help reduce risks to workplace injuries.
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Chimo’s Drilling & Excavating was established in October of 2012 with its base of operations located 10 minutes east of Regina off highway 33 on Cowessess First Nations Land.

Darryl Pelletier, Owner, and Operator provides a wealth of expertise in leading and mentoring construction crews in the excavation and directional drilling business.

Darryl brings to the business over 20 years of experience, a strong work ethic and reputation from his success working in the Heavy and Civil Engineering industry on underground infrastructure drilling projects.

The Certificate of Recognition (COR™) is nationally trademarked and endorsed by participating members of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA) of which the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) is a member. It provides employers with an effective tool to assess their health and safety management system.

Chimo's Drilling & Excavating
is a proud member.


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