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Who performs directional drilling Regina area?

Directional drilling or directional boring also called horizontal directional drilling or HDD.

A method for installing underground utilities such as pipes and conduits.

The directional drilling method can accommodate installations of up to 400 meters. and pipe diameters up to 24 inches.

Chimo’s Drilling & Excavating Ltd. is well suited to undertake directional drilling projects. Chimo’s has worked with oil and gas, construction, technology and for the Crown Corporations in Saskatchewan.

This process of drilling is safe and efficient. Provides an easy way for utility maintenance and infrastructure projects. Better management installation of power cables, gas, water, and sewer lines.

Chimo's Directional Drilling & Excavation Regina

Directional Drilling
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Underground utility projects traverse many geographical obstacles.

With directional drilling we can access under:

  • roadways
  • waterways
  • and various town and city congestion points

Environmental safety is a top consideration in underground construction. It is also a safe solution that often will save client time and money.

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Chimo's Drilling & Excavating | Regina & Area

Horizontal Drilling Technique

Chimo’s Drilling & Excavating Ltd. employs the use of drilling fluid for use with the directional drilling machine. The Chimo’s Team has the capabilities of using different mud mixtures dependent on the type of ground that will be drilled on client site.

A mud mixing system pumps drilling fluid into the drilling hole and extracts the cuttings out to the surface. This non-toxic technique allows for easy disposal of waste from the customer site.

  • Horizontal Drilling
  • Dirt ground conditions
  • Sand ground conditions
  • Cobble ground conditions
  • Rock ground conditions
  • Concrete basement walls/footings

Key Benefits of
Horizontal Drilling

Our clients can expect quality in workmanship and the benefits of choosing a directional drilling approach;

  • Lower cost technique that can be employed in shorter turnaround times for the project compared to other methods
  • Versatility in the depth and length of installations
  • Customer convenience with less disruption to surrounding traffic and no need for excavation of an access pit
  • Environmentally safer solution
  • Chimo’s Drilling & Excavating can drill directionally through dirt, cobble, and rock with minimal surface obstruction
  • Capability to safely support drilling under road and waterways


Chimo’s Drilling & Excavating bore drill can support the following drill specifications;

  • Maximum bore drilling depth: 100 feet
  • Maximum pipe diameter: 24 inches
  • Pullback: 20,000 lbs
  • Torque: 2,200 lbs
  • Thrust: 17,000 lbs
  • Rated speed: 2,600 RPM
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