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regina hydrovac company

Regina Hydrovac Service

Hydrovac Services provide a safe, time and cost efficient solution. Hydrovac services assist our clients with the exposure of underground cable and conduit utility assets. 

Regina Hydrovac is a major service provided by Chimo’s Drilling & Excavating and Chimo’s Drilling & Excavating employs the use of a Ditch Witch FX 60 Hydrovac. This equipment provides an environmentally safe, cost and time efficient solution for clients seeking to expose underground utility services.

Our experienced team of Field Service Technicians will locate underground utility assets such as cable and conduit. The Hydrovac solution uses water pressure to displace the topsoil and sand deposits. While the powerful vacuum deposits the earth into storage basin to safely expose the underground cable and conduit.

Clients can leverage the use of such services to help with the maintenance and repair of their underground utilities.

Hydrovac excavation is a non-destructive method of excavation that uses pressurized water and a powerful vacuum to quickly and safely expose buried pipes and cables.

ditch-witch-FX60Ditch Witch FX 60 for hydrovac services

Ditch Witch FX 60:

  • Rated Speed:  2200 RPM
  • Pressure:  2500 PSI
  • Net Power Rating:  56 HP
  • Maximum Tilt Angle: 45 Degrees
  • Displacement:  199 IN3

Hydrovac Services Regina

Shoring Installation
Service Repair Pits
Hole Holes & Piling Holes
Debris Removal & Tank Cleanouts

Hydrovac Services Regina

Oil & Gas
Regina Hydrovac Service

Regina Hydrovac Service

Chimo’s Drilling & Excavating Hyrdovac DitchWitch Equipment

The FX60 vacuum excavator is designed for super-sized cleanup jobs such as non-hazardous wastewater, salt and sand removal, industrial machine cleaning, and a multitude of post-emergency restoration uses.

As a result, with its many standard features and a lengthy list of options. The multi-purpose FX60 vacuum excavation system also takes care of unwanted fluids and spills in and around manholes, catch basins, meter boxes, storm drains, cellars, conduit and pipe, vehicle wash pits, gutters, grease traps, and directional drilling sites.

Therefore, hydrovac is ideal for soft excavation capabilities include digging postholes, underground utility location, cleaning utility boxes, and street repair.